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Photographer, novelist, and screenwriter. Favors French Extremism and Indie Horror. Listens to EBM, Industrial & Witch house and is an avid MMA sports fan.
DecayMag.com Joey Moran The Demon Inside

Demon Inside, Casts Humor on TV Paranormal Investigators

Demon Inside, The. Humor And Horror Raise Spirits Demon Inside, The. Film Details   Director: Joey Moran Writer: Joey Moran Release Date: May 16th, 2017 Release Format: VOD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Horror, Thriller Running Time: 1h 35min Synopsis: Ex-convict, Sam Parsons, is trying to rebuild his life with his wife Courtney and their six-year-old daughter, Harper. When...
DecayMag.com James Roland Blood Drive

Blood Drive Ep 2 Continues Velocity With Carnage, Humor

Blood Drive Episode 2 Relies on Humor and Horror Blood Drive Series Details  Creator: James Roland  Director:  David Straiton Writer(s): James Roland (creator) Marc Halsey Nina Fiore...(story editor) John Hererra...(story editor) Release Year: 2017 Season: 1 Episode: Welcome to Pixie Swallow Airdate:  June 23rd, 2017 Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi  Rating: TV-MA Running Time: 1 hour Synopsis: Grace & Arthur battle to stay off...
DecayMag.com   Vozo Zoltán Végh László Illés (story), Gera Laszlo Krisztian The Basement

Basement, The. Breaking Glass Pic. Acquires Hungary Horror

Basement, The. Import Horror Acquired by g Basement, The. Film Details  Director(s): Vozo Zoltán Végh, László Illés         Writer(s): László Illés (story), Gera Laszlo Krisztian Release Date: September 5, 2017 Release Format: DVD/VOD MPAA Rating: Genre: Horror Running Time: 1h 22min Synopsis: A group of international students explores a basement that has been abandoned for years. But what starts off...
DecayMag.com Reggie Keyohara III Mauro Borrelli Teddy Wynne Sam Acton King The Recall

Recall, The. Visual EFX Orbit A Grounded Narrative

Recall, The. Abducts Traditional "Horror In The Woods" Concept Recall, The. Film Details  Director: Mauro Borrelli Writer(s): Reggie Keyohara III (writer) Mauro Borrelli (story by) Teddy Wynne (additional writer) Sam Acton King (writer) Release Date: June 16th, 2017 Release Format: Cinemas (limited), VOD MPAA Rating: R Genre: Sci-Fi Running Time: 1h 30min Synopsis: When five friends...
DecayMag.com James Roland Blood Drive

Blood Drive Accelerates With Debut Episode on Syfy

Blood Drive A Reimagined Death Race Blood Drive Series Details  Creator: James Roland  Release Year: 2017 Season: 1 Episode:  The F... Ing Cop Airdate:  June 14th 2017 Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi  Rating: TV-MA Running Time: 1 hour Synopsis: Set in a near-dystopian future, the series features a former cop, who is forced to take part in a...
DecayMag.com Christian Torpe The Mist

Mist, The. Dramatic Horror To Grip Viewers -Episode Review

Mist, The Envelopes The Viewer With Gripping Drama Mist, The Series Details  Creator  Christian Torpe Release Year: 2017 Season: 1 Episode:   S1 EP 1 Airdate:  June 22, 2017 Genre: Drama, Horror Running Time: Synopsis: After an eerie mist rolls into a small town, the residents must battle the mysterious mist and its threats,...
yMag.com John Williams The Slayers

Slayers, The. Lays Audiences, Comedy, Horror To Rest

Slayers, The. A Buddy Movie Without Purpose Slayers, The. Film Review  Director: John Williams Writer: John Williams Release Date: TBA Release Format: TBA MPAA Rating: Genre: ON IMDB Running Time: Synopsis: ON IMDB Two cult members, Nigel and Job, decide to go on a road trip during their last two weeks...
DecayMag.com Developer: Warm Lamp Games Publisher: Alawar Entertainment Beholder

Beholder And Blissful Sleep DLC Steam Codes Giveaway

Beholder Giveaway Includes Recent Release DLC Titled; Blissful Sleep Beholder Game Details Developer: Warm Lamp Games Publisher: Alawar Entertainment Genre: Adventure, RPG ESRB: T for Teen Release Date: November 9, 2016 Platform: Steam  Game Description: You’re a State-installed Landlord in a totalitarian State. You must spy on tenants, peep, eavesdrop and...
DecayMag Sevé Schelenz and Lisa DeVita Peelers

Peelers Arrives on VOD, DVD, Blu-ray This July

Peelers, Bring BJ Her Stripper Friends And A Hoard of Infected Home This July Peelers Film Details   Director: Sevé Schelenz Writer(s): • Lisa DeVita screenplay • Sevé Schelenz story MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Horror Running Time: 1h 35min Synopsis: A small town strip club owner must defend her bar, her...
DecayMag.com Director, Writer: Faisal Saif Islamic Exorcistvideo

Islamic Exorcist Conjures Controversy -First Impressions

Islamic Exorcist Crosses Cultures with Controversial Supernatural Theme Islamic Exorcist Film Details  Director: Faisal Saif  Writer: Faisal Saif Release Date: 26 May 2017 (USA) Release Format: Cinemas MPAA Rating: Genre: Horror Running Time: Synopsis: The lives of an Indian couple are devastated when their adopted daughter becomes possessed by a demonic force. The...